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Webmasters Webdesigners


  • eBooks for Webdesigners, Webmasters and Client-Server Developers

CorelDraw, Fireworks, PhotoShop, Images Processing

Dreamweaver, Flash, Frontpage, FTP, Telnet, Browsers

CSS, dHTML, JavaScript, Java, WAP, xHTML, XML

ASP, CFML, Java Servlets, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python

Access, InterBase, mSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL

  • Codes Tables and Generators
  1. ASCII Table
  2. ASCII List
  3. ASCII Name
  1. Color Picker Wheel
  2. Color Web Safe and B&W
  3. Color Web Name

  1. Country Info ( ISOs )
  2. Body Style CSS

FLASH Generators

Flash Generators with JavaScript codes

Graphic Generators

JavaScript-CSS Coders

dHTML-CSS Generators

  • Markup Language Subdomains and others


 ColdFusion Markup Language


HyperText Markup Language


Wireless Markup Language


eXtensible HTML


eXtensible Markup Language


Cascading Style Sheets


Structured Query Language
  • Script Programming Language Subdomains


 Active Server Pages


dynamic HTML


( LiveScript )


Java Server Pages


Practical Extraction & Report Language


Personal Home Page


( object oriented )

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 Date Item Title   Hits
16 Jan  Introdu├ž├úo ao ASP - Active Server Pages   28486
17 Jan  Manual JavaScript   70181
18 Jan  Apostila de HTML   56621
19 Feb  Apostila de Banco de Dados e SQL   63156
20 Feb  TUTORIAL PERL: O In├şcio   39168
21 Feb  PHP Personal Home Page   41020
22 Mar  Python Instant├óneo   18436
23 Mar  dHTML Programa├ž├úo Dynamic HTML   15868
24 Mar  Entendendo Style Sheets CSS   19913
25 Mar  Introdu├ž├úo a XML   16746
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