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ASCII Legend

  • BS: Backspace
  • HT: Horizontal Tab
  • LF: Line Feed
  • VT: Vertical Tab
  • FF: Form Feed
  • CR: Carriage Return

  • BEL: Bell
  • DC1: No assigned meaning in ASCII, but DC1 is used for XON in most software handshaking schemes.
  • DC2: No assigned meaning in ASCII.
  • DC3: No assigned meaning in ASCII, but DC3 is used for XOFF in most software handshaking schemes.
  • DC4: No assigned meaning in ASCII.

  • SOH: Start of Header
  • STX: Start of Text
  • ETX: End of Text
  • EOT: End of Transmission
  • ENQ: Enquiry
  • ACK: Acknowledge
  • DLE: Data Link Escape
  • NAK: Negative Acknowledge
  • SYN: Synchronous Idle
  • ETB: End of Transmission Block

  • NUL: Null
  • DEL: Delete
  • CAN: Cancel
  • EM: End of Medium
  • SUB: Substitute

  • FS: File Separator
  • GS: Group Separator
  • RS: Record Separator
  • US: Unit Separator

  • SI: Shift In
  • SO: Shift Out
  • ESC: Escape

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